Marvel Releases Alternate Opening to The Avengers 0

Marvel Releases Alternate Opening to The Avengers

Marvel has just released a new deleted scene from their forthcoming Blu Ray and DVD Release of The Avengers, with the scene taking the form of an alternate opening to the blockbuster comic book movie.

The new scene starts from the events of the film’s final act, perfectly setting up the rest of the movie as a flashback, showing downtown New York in a state of devastation. The scene then cuts to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill, being interrogated by her superiors in the aftermath of the battle with the Chitauri.

As the interrogation continues, Hill’s misgivings about Nick Fury’s methods start to surface, showing the great divide between the two colleagues even better than the theatrical release:

To check out more deleted scenes and behind the scenes material, make sure you snag a copy of The Avengers when it comes out in both Blu Ray and DVD formats this September 17, 2012.