Mark Wahlberg Confirms Ted 2 0

Mark Wahlberg Confirms Ted 2

It’s not really a surprise that Seth MacFarlane’s Ted will get a sequel, as it made a killing in the box office. What is a little bit surprising is the fact that it was confirmed this soon, by the lead actor at that:

“There is a Ted 2,” says Wahlberg. “We’ve already locked a deal and they’re off writing now. I’ve never done a sequel before but I just have so much confidence in Seth. he’s such a talented, funny guy.”

Wahlberg even hinted at the possibility that we will see the loveably offensive teddy bear much sooner:

“Actually, because Seth is hosting, Ted and I will be appearing at the Oscars,” reveals Wahlberg, before musing that Ted will probably need a little smoke of something before appearing on stage. “He can’t do it without it,” he chuckles. “It’s mandatory.”

To check out what Wahlberg is hinting at, be sure to tune in when the Oscars are awarded on February 24, 2013.