Mark Ruffalo Wants a Green Hulk Movie 0

mark ruffalo green hulk

During a talk at the recent Sundance Film Festival, Mark Ruffalo – who played Hulk in The Avengers – discussed his movie debuting at the festival, Infinitely Polar Bear, before segueing into the topics of cost-effective environmental change, sustainability, and has even voiced a desire for a solo Hulk movie that deals with the environment.

Ruffalo emphasized that he would like to use his art and fame in order to spread a more eco-friendly message, praising the potential in using stardom as a platform to help the world:

“As artists we have an ability to reach a lot of people in a deep way, and we have a responsibility,” he said. “What we have to do as storytellers is to take science and make it relatable.
“I think we have to tell the story of the positive and what we’re going to try to do. Give them alternatives but don’t make it a polemic,” he intoned.

On the subject of applying the message to big budget studio movies like Marvel’s The Avengers, Ruffalo was willing to apply his principles equally:

“I think that’s the way to go, and it’s a trend that’ll start to develop. As a culture, when we latch onto a fad, we’re actually working something out in the creative subconscious. The fact that all these doomsday and end-of-times movies are coming out is because we’re actually working that out in the culture.”
“I’m in The Avengers, but if you took my screentime it would come to about ten minutes, along with the 12 other people I’m sharing the screen with, so my input’s kind of limited on that. But if we get to a standalone Hulk movie, I’ll have a much better chance to do that. I’m just learning now how to find my voice and bring it into the studio world.”

Via: Total Film