Marc Webb Reveals Another Villain for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 0


Many fans already consider The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s 3 villains (Electro, Rhino, and the Green Goblin) overkill for the film, but a recent tweet from director Marc Webb reveals that there’s at least one more villain that’s going to show up in the film.

The reveal is a reference to B.J. Novak’s character in the movie, who turns out to be someone named “A. Smythe.”

There is a character in the comic that “A. Smythe” may be referring to: the crippled son of the Oscorp Scientist Spencer Smythe, Alistair. In the comic, Spencer Smythe was responsible for the creation of an army of robot Spider-Slayers, something that the son picked up in order to create a mech-suit for himself and turn into the ultimate Spider-Slayer.

Source: Marc Webb’s twitter account