New Machete Kills Poster Features Sofia Vergara and Her Breast Guns 0


One of the things that people are looking forward to in Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills is the sheer amount of T & A present, with Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez, Vanessa Hudgens, and the now completely legal Alexa Vega all making a showing. The latest poster for the movie shows one of the more sought after names in the list, Sofia Vergara, in action.

Vergara plays a character named Madame Desdemona in the movie, and the promo poster shows her sporting an amazing set of guns installed in an area where they’re likely to hit a lot of men in the eyes. If anything, the poster confirms that Rodriguez won’t be toning down any of the films over-the top grindhouse elements.

sofia vergara machete

There’s no word yet on whether Madame Desdemona will be an enemy or an ally to Danny Trejo’s Machete but since this is Machete we are talking about, he’s probably gonna hit that, enemy or no, before the movie is over.

Machete Kills is set to open in the US on 13 September 2013.