LucasFilm Denies Rumors that J.J. Abrams is Leaving Star Wars: Episode VII 0


These past few weeks, rumors about J.J. Abrams dropping out of Star Wars: Episode VII have started floating to the surface, buoyed by official confirmation that the director will be returning to the Star Trek movie franchise as well as news that Abrams might not be willing to shoot the movie in the UK, since the director prefers shooting in the US. Fortunately for fans of Abrams and Star Wars, LucasFilm has released an official statement that rejects the rumors:

“There is no truth to the rumour,” begins the official response. “J.J. is having a great time working on the script and is looking forward to going into production next year.”

It seems conclusive, and there’s really no reason to believe otherwise. Abrams has already confessed his love for the Star Wars franchise and this is a big enough project even for his caliber, that it shouldn’t be easy to drop just because he prefers the US as a shooting location. What’s more, contrary to what some purists believe, it is possible for a geek to love both Star Wars and Star Trek, and Abrams shouldn’t drop one over the other.