Loki’s favorite scene from The Avengers 0

Loki’s favorite scene from The Avengers

In a recent interview with ELLE magazine, Thor star Tom Hiddleston has confirmed that he will return as Loki in the upcoming 2012 Avengers movie as a Big Bad, and has also dropped a few juicy tidbits about the movie, particularly concerning his favorite scene:

“My favourite moment on set was filming at a NASA location the size of a cathedral, I flew around like a trapeze artist in a rocket-testing facility in the company of Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Renner. That was a pretty good day at work.”

Hiddleston has also gushed on how surprised he was that working alongside a huge list of A-list stars isn’t as daunting or intimidating as one would expect.

“For the first 10 minutes after you meet them, they have the wattage and charisma of movie stars, then you have a coffee with them and you realize we’re all the same, we’re all just people.”

“All of the actors in The Avengers are so nice, Marvel has these code names for projects and the code name for The Avengers was Group Hug. It felt very much like a group hug on set.”