Liam Neeson in Line to Return for Taken 3 0


According to, actor Liam Neeson is in line for a potential return to the Taken franchise via the third film in the series. The report states that Neeson is currently in talks with studio representatives, with the studio offering a rumored salary of $20 million, which is a $5 million increase from his previous appearance’s net.

The clamor for his return is understandable, considering that Taken 2 took home a staggering $375 million worldwide, especially since the budget was very modest. Fox is only too keen for another round of profitability.

Besides the monetary benefit, Neeson might also like a return to the franchise as the role of Bryan Mills has effectively reinvented him as a bona fide action star, and fans should be keen on his return as it’s hard to imagine a Taken film without the lead star. Although there have been previous rumors that on-screen daughter Maggie Grace will be taking over the franchise.