LEGO Movie to Feature Batman and Superman 0

LEGO Movie to Feature Batman and Superman

Fans of Superman have long been clamoring for a Team Up movie featuring the last son of krypton and the Dark Knight, especially after seeing how good a Batman movie can be courtesy of Nolan, and after seeing that a team up movie could work, courtesy of the Avengers. Like, maybe Batman’s tendency to fight several villains in a single movie will rub off on Kal, and he’ll finally get to fight something or someone that isn’t considered real estate.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to get a live action World’s Finest yet, nor are we going to get Justice League. There are plans, mind you, but right now we’re going to get a LEGO movie featuring Batman and Superman, because it’s the kind of movie we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

According to Variety, the LEGO film will be entitled LEGO: The Piece Of Resistance, which follows the adventures of an instruction worker named Emmet, who is simply a manual laborer but got mistaken for a “MasterBuilder”, a mistake that he takes advantage of until he finds himself smack dab in the middle of a quest to foil an evil tyrant from locking the whole LEGO world together with glue. Thankfully, Emmet won’t have to go at it alone, since our boys Batman and Superman will be appearing in their LEGO forms.

LEGO: The Piece of Resistance will open in the US on February 28, 2014.