Leaked images from The Avengers set, Marvel’s Captain America, Thor 0

Leaked images from The Avengers set, Marvel's Captain America, Thor

Ok, so the Mighty Marvel Movie Machine (fuck yeah, that was alliteration right there) has moved into overdrive in recent times with the likes of  Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America all making it to the big screen in a relatively quick space of time. Of course, unless you live under a rock, you know the reason is that there will be a big pay off, and that pay off is The Avengers.

This team to anyone who is a comic book geek .. sorry, nerd … sorry, fan. I meant to say comic book FAN. Anyway, The Avengers is one of the four biggest teams in comic book history alongside The X-Men, The Fantasic Four and DC’s Justice League (and please, I do not want to hear the nerdly cries from the fans of The Legion of Super-Heroes or anything from Rob Liefeld, cause they are shit).

Iron Man and Incredible Hulk were the first two to lay the foundations for this movie, with the appearance of Nick “On a muthafuckin plane” Fury at the end of Iron Man, and Tony Stark appearing at the end of The Incredible Hulk.

In fact all these movies have had little teasers to tie them together, which has helped whet the appetite for this upcoming film.  Now we can reveal some early shots from the film which may or may not make some people cry, whine or blow their load (maybe all three).  Anyway, first up we have the modern day Captain America costume.

Gah ... that is not it! Fuck you and your manbreasts, Liefeld.

That hurt my eyes. Anyway, here’s the real deal.

At least I don't have man breasts.

The costume to me looks pretty horrible, but I assume it will receive some movie magic before it makes it to the silver screen.

Thankfully the Hawkeye costume looks pretty cool, as does the Black Widow costume that we already saw in Iron Man 2,  so there is even more pressure to make the Captain America costume look less … well, shit!

My costume may look shit, but my smirk screams "America, Fuck yeah!"


Talking about Black Widow, she seems to be getting a bit of attention from the male members (heh, I said members) of the team.

Even Norse gods like to check out a sweet piece of ass from time to time.

Verily brother, it is a fine ass, forsooth .. hey nonny nonny .. etc etc

But of course leave it to Hawkeye to go one better.

You have a face? Could have fooled me.


So, early days yet, and nothing that really gives away the plot, but at least we can be assured that even if Captain America is devoid of breasts, someone else has more than their fair share.