First Look at Kutcher as Steve Jobs

First Look at Kutcher as Steve Jobs 0

First Look at Kutcher as Steve Jobs

As a lead in to jOBS’ premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2013, the first teaser image of Ashton Kutcher as former Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has been released. The image shows that Kutcher really does look a lot like the young Jobs, and that the decision to cast him is logical, at least as far as looks go.

What’s up in the air, though, is whether or not Kutcher has the dramatic chops to pull off a decent performance, much less one that is supposed to portray a very recognizable personality. If he does pull it off, it’s safe to say that he’ll finally get the chance to steer his career towards more credible roles, instead of always relying on his good looks (which would be ironic, since he was hired to play Steve Jobs based on his appearance)

jOBS should not be confused with the Aaron Sorkin-scripted Steve Jobs movie, which has not yet gone past the scriptwriting phase and will most likely not be finished in time to compete with Kutcher’s vehicle.

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