Justice League’s Villain Finally Revealed? 0

Justice League's Villain Finally Revealed?

A recent Latino Review report suggests that the despotic ruler of Apokolips (and wearer of fashionable knee-high boots), Darkseid, will be the villain of DC Comics’ planned Justice League movie, which is due to arrive in 2015.

It’s just a rumor, though, and a suspicious one at that, considering how the Justice League rumor mill has been busy these past few weeks, what with the Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman news and the endless string of directors attached to the project, but Darkseid as the main villain of the DC superhero ensemble romp seems like a logical direction, since the movie will feature Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Batman and would require a villain that is every bit as devious as Lex Luthor, while possessing enough physical power to pose a threat to the guy who can lift entire mountains.

It’s also worth noting that Darkseid is basically the Mad Titan Thanos’ counterpart in DC, as Jim Starlin originally modeled Thanos after one of the New Gods, Metron, but was asked to beef him up and bring him up to par with one of the more imposing members of the pantheon, Darkseid.