Jurassic Park 4 Director Releases Teaser Image 0

Jurassic Park 4 Director Releases Teaser Image

It seems that Marc Webb and Bryan Singer are not the only masters of Tweet-promotions, as Jurassic Park 4 director Colin Trevorrow has also taken to the social networking site in order to release promotional images for his project, even before shooting itself has begun.

Trevorrow only provided a one-word description of the image, Nublar, but it should be familiar to fans since it’s the name of the island that served as the setting for John Hammond’s theme park in the first movie. (The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 had Isla Sorna as the seting, where the dinos were reared before being moved to the park.)

The choice of setting should be a boon to fans, particularly ones who felt that the two sequels strayed too far from the things that made the first movie so good.

Jurassic Park 4 is scheduled to open in 2014.