Judd Apatow Returns to Direct Train Wreck 0

Get Him to the Greek movie image Nicholas Stoller and Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow sort of disappeared from the public eye after This is 40, no doubt to take a little time out and refresh his creative juices, but he has recently decided to go back into action via a new project titled “Train Wreck,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Train Wreck will be written and helmed by comedian Amy Schumer, who is fresh off a new show on Comedy Central. It is said that the film will be following a troubled young woman who is trying to steer her life back into its proper direction.

Apatow is said to be already undergoing the casting process, and has already met with a number of actors in LA throughout November. The shoot is likely to start next year, and may come out on 2015, which might not be a good idea considering how many heavyweights are set to release on that year (big name sci-fi and comic-book movies, for instance).

Via: TheHollywoodReporter.com