Josh Trank to Direct Spider-man Spin-Off 0

Josh Trank to Direct Spider-man Spin-Off

It would seem that the anticipated Spider-Man spin-off Venom is starting to move forward, as Sony has recently pegged Chronicle’s Josh Trank for directorial duties, according to a recent report by The LA Times.

The report reveals that Trank is still negotiating with the studio, but the young director seems to have a good shot, since Sony execs were impressed with his work on Chronicle, especially his feat of coming up with exceptional visuals on an extremely limited budget. Trank is the second director to be linked to the Venom project, after Hunger Games helmer Gary Ross originally turned down the opportunity back in 2009.

Sony expects that the spin-off will give justice to one of Spider-Man (and Marvel’s for that matter) most iconic antiheroes, lamenting that the Venom played by Topher Grace in Spider-Man failed to make a big mark with viewers, and was essentially overshadowed by Sandman (which is in direct contrast to the source material, where Sandman is practically a B-lister compared to Venom).

There’s currently no info on the story, as Sony has turned down Jacob Estes’ script, with the studio shopping around for a new script. There’s also no word on how Spider-Man will fit into the new film, or if he’s ever going to appear in it at all.

Source: The LA Times