Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman Rumor Denied by His Reps 0

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman Role Denied by His Reps

These past few days, word got out that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in line to play Batman in Warner Bros. upcoming Justice League movie, no doubt supported by the open ended conclusion of The Dark Knight Rises, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character John “Robin” Blake finds the Batcave, with the movie’s ending being ambiguous and not clarifying whether the character chooses to take over the cowl or not.

Unfortunately for fans who want JGL to be the next Batman, has contacted the actor’s representatives in order to confirm the rumor, with their official report stating that Gordon-Levitt’s reps have repeatedly refuted the rumor.

Which is all well and good, as Nolan’s version of Batman doesn’t really fit in well with the likes of Superman and Green Lantern. However, fans who still want JGL in the cape and cowl still has hope as Justice League has not been fully cast (and no actual confirmed actors have been announced), so who knows, Warner may want to cast JGL in the future, even if his role is not going to be the same character found in the Nolan movies.