John C. Reilly’s Guardians of the Galaxy Gig Confirmed 0


It’s been reported before that actor/comedian John C. Reilly is under negotiations for a role in Marvel’s upcoming big screen adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, and while that little bit of news has been largely overshadowed by more recent casting news and rumors, it has suddenly sprung back into the forefront with’s confirmation that Reilly has indeed signed on the dotted line.

Reilly will be playing the role of Rhomman Dey, who is a veteran Nova Corps operative who will be working in close tandem with Glenn Close’s character (who is unnamed yet, but is said to be the Nova Corps’ female answer to Nick Fury.)

Directed by Gunn and co-starring Chris Pratt, Benicio Del Toro, Zoe Saldana and Lee Pace, Guardians Of The Galaxy will open in the UK on 1 August 2014.