Joel Kinnaman Talks About Robocop’s PG-13 Rating 0


One of the main concerns that moviegoers have over Jose Padilha’s Robocop reboot is the PG-13, which would imply that it is markedly lighter in content compared to the original, which was originally X-rated due to violent content and had to be cut down in order to become R-rated.

The reboot’s star, Joel Kinnaman, has defended the movie’s family-friendly rating, explaining that Padilha’s version will remain a very adult enterprise:

“I had a couple of brief conversations with José about what he wanted to do with the film,” says Kinnaman. “I didn’t really know that The Dark Knight was PG-13 as well… I didn’t know what you could get away with with PG-13.”

“After seeing what we got away with with PG-13, that battle became quite irrelevant. The original RoboCop was X-rated and then they had to cut it down so it became R-rated and Verhoeven claimed that actually made the movie more violent, because it’s what you don’t see that actually scares you.”

“The violence of the of the original RoboCop was so much aligned with Verhoeven’s cinematic tone and his comedic tone, and our film is carrying José’s tone. He’s a completely different filmmaker, so the violence that we have in our movie completely makes sense in terms of who José is.”