Joe Carnahan to Direct Daredevil?

Joe Carnahan to Direct Daredevil? 0

Joe Carnahan to Direct Daredevil?

Fox’s reboot of the Daredevil movie franchise may be moving closer to pre-production, with reports claiming that Joe Carnahan may be the next director in line for the project. Unfortunately, there are still a few niggling issues preventing the Daredevil movie from being confirmed.

The biggest issue is the fact that Fox needs to get the film up and running by October, otherwise the rights to the character will revert back to Marvel. 2 months doesn’t look like it’s enough time to shoot a movie, much less one that doesn’t even have a director yet.

Fortunately for Fox, Marvel seems to be interested in striking a deal, with the studio reportedly willing to extend the Daredevil rights agreement in exchange for the use of Fantastic Four (the movie rights of which is still Fox’s) villain Galactus in a film of their own.

The problem with the deal is that Fox, according to, has high hopes for their Josh Trank-helmed reboot of Fantastic Four, so returning Galactus to Marvel could hinder their plans. The best option right now is for them to strike a co-financing agreement with Marvel to ensure that Daredevil returns to the big screen. But would Disney (current owners of Marvel) allow this after realizing how ridiculously profitable comic book movies are?

With all this in mind, Joe Carnahan is still the frontrunner for the director’s seat, but he’s Fox’s choice instead of Marvel, so other names could replace him in the running once the dust settles. Of course, assuming that the Daredevil movie actually comes to fruition.


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