Jessica Chastain Being Considered for New Tarzan Movie 0

jessica chastain

David Yates’ planned remake of the Tarzan movie franchise is said to finally have found the most likely actress to play Jane, with Warner Bros. reportedly homing in on Jessica Chastain to play opposite the studio’s choice for the male lead, Alexander Skarsgard.

The Tarzan film refresh has been in the pipeline over at Warner Bros. for quite some time now, with Craig Brewer originally attached as the director, before Harry Potter director Yates was drafted in to take over where Brewer left off.

The new Tarzan movie will pick up after Tarzan has been reintegrated into human society, with the Queen (THE Queen) herself asking him to return to the jungle in order to investigate troubles in the Congo, which is caused by a vicious warlord.

The new Tarzan movie seems to be a rather drastic departure from what most people imagine when Tarzan comes to mind (particularly those who are more familiar with Johnny Weismuller’s version than the one from Christopher Lambert). Let’s just hope they don’t mess with the Tarzan yell.

Via: New York Post