Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Her Role as Mystique 0


There’s no denying that the true stars of X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past are best frienemies Magneto and Xavier, both in their young and alternate future old forms. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the other characters are mere riff-raff. They’re all fleshed out and serve important functions in the story, and one that may have slipped under most people’s radars is Mystique, who’s going to be played by Jennifer Lawrence when Days of Future Past comes out.

The most recent trailer even suggests that there may have been some sort of friction between her and Magneto, after going with him during the end of First Class. Lawrence confirms this in a statement made to IGN:

“We find Raven, she’s split off from Eric and Charles and she’s kind of her own agent,” says Jennifer Lawrence, whose turn as the young Mystique was one of the highlights of the last film.

“She has one mission of trying to assassinate somebody and it will be her first kill basically, and because we’ve seen her in the future and what she becomes, this is kind of a turning point for her.”