Jennifer Lawrence in The House at the End of the Street 1

The recent box office success of The Hunger Games means that Jennifer Lawrence if hot property right now, so it’s a wise move on Relativity’s part to release the first trailer for Lawrence’s next big screen vehicle, The House At the End of the Street.

The House at the end of the Street stars Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Shue as a mother and daughter who happen upon their ideal home in a quiet rural town. Unfortunately, the house next door is far from ideal, as it seems to be hiding a profoundly violent past.

The house was home to a young girl who killed her parents in their bed, leaving only her brother alive. Lawrence’s character unwittingly strikes a relationship with the now grown up young brother, and things start to get creepy from there…

The trailer is shows some of the key points to the plot, with the events being played out backwards remniscent of Memento.