Jeff Goldblum Confirmed for Independence Day 2 0


Jeff Goldblum has recently confirmed that he will be back for the sequel to Independence day, ensuring that only Will Smith remains as the missing actor from the original main cast (barring ones that cannot return because their character already died in the story).

“They’ve talked to me about it,” says Goldblum, regarding ID2, “and I’ve talked to them about it and they’re excited and I’m anxious and eager to see – I haven’t read anything. I think they’re trying to put it together.”

Unfortunately for Goldblum’s fans, the actor won’t be able to reprise another role for another movie that’s supposed to get a sequel soon, as he wasn’t invited to return to Jurassic World:

“They haven’t called me for it,” confirms Goldblum. “Nobody asked me, but I was perfectly satisfied with the two that I did. I’m still satisfied with that and I’ll be the first in line to see anything else.”