Jamie Foxx Discusses Amazing Spider-Man 2 0


The latest issue of Total Film magazine features an interview with Jamie Foxx, who is currently promoting the presidential actioner White House Down, but is also set to appear in the upcoming sequel to Amazing Spider-Man, as the electrically-charged supervillain Elektro. In the feature, Foxx talked about his experience in the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as his daughter’s, who had a blast while visiting the set one day:

“It’s been fantastic. [Director] Marc Webb has been fantastic to work with. What I’ve learned on the set… that suit, that Spider-Man suit… the first thing I had to shoot it was like… not tears, but this is the real thing. It was mindblowing.

“My little daughter – maybe two years ago, she was a huge Spider-Man fan. She had a Spider-Man birthday party, and she got the chance to come on the set and her mind is blown. She says, ‘Wow, there’s so many Spider-Men!’ There was a stunt Spider-Man and everything…”

Via: TotalFilm.com