James Spader Discusses Avengers: Age of Ultron Role 0


The announcement that James Spader will be playing Ultron in the upcoming Avengers sequel may be well-received by fans, but it was completely unexpected as the actor wasn’t exactly a staple in superhero films. However, this should not be taken to mean as Spader himself being somewhat indifferent about the role – in fact, a recent interview with the Independent reveals that the actor is a very big fan of the source material, and couldn’t be more excited about the role:

“I think it’ll be a lot of fun and it’s incredibly nostalgic for me,” said Spader in an interview with The Independent. “When I was a kid my best friend had trunks of comics and I didn’t have any so I used to love going for sleepovers at his house.

“Also, I have three sons,” continues the star, “and two of them have a great interest in comics so they’re excited I’m playing the role.”

A recent interview with the Inquirer also revealed plans on how to bring the robotic villain to life, with suggestions that Spader will be lending more than just his voice:

“I have spoken to Joss Whedon about it,” says Spader, “and just this weekend I went in for them to take very extensive photographs, head scans, body scans, and all kinds of things in preparation for figuring out how the hell I’m gonna fit in this Ultron character!”

Sources: The Independent and The Inquirer (via ScreenRant.com)