James Rhodes May Appear in Avengers 2

James Rhodes May Appear in Avengers 2 0

James Rhodes May Appear in Avengers 2

A recent report from Collider reveals that Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes may pop up in The Avengers 2. The character already has a more prominent role in Iron Man 3, so having him do a cameo in the team-up movie is not that farfetched.

The script for Avengers 2 is still in the writing stages, and Cheadle doesn’t exactly confirm his appearance directly, but he does state that the possibility is currently under discussion:

“I know that [there are] conversations that have been happening, so we’ll see what happens,” says Cheadle. “If that’s able to happen and it makes sense for the story, I’m sure it’ll happen, and if not it’s fine. It has to work within the world and sort of the mythology of the whole Marvel universe.”

Cheadle even joked about gatecrashing the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

“I think I’m gonna go to the set,” says Cheadle of Cap’s return, “so maybe if I bring the suit in my trunk I’ll just walk on.”

Via: Collider.com

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