New Jack the Giant Slayer Trailer 0

New Jack the Giant Slayer Trailer

A brand-spanking new trailer has just been released for Jack The Giant Slayer, this time focusing more on Nicholas Hoult’s eponymous giant killer as he finds himself stuck in the middle of a terrible war between giants and humans – a war that he himself is responsible for as he was the one who opened a portal into the giant’s dimension, albeit accidentally.

It turns out that the giants used to live on Earth, and they were just banished into the netherworld by the armies of men, so it’s understandable why they want to take it back and why they’re so fudgin mad at the humans. You can watch the trailer below:

Thankfully, the trailer makes it look like an action adventure, instead of the fantasy romance that it was previously been billed as. Whether or not this is an accurate representation or just the marketing department remembering what happened to John Carter remains to be seen.