Iron Man 3 Resumes Production 0

Iron Man 3 Resumes Production

Marvel reps have recently confirmed that production work on Iron Man 3 has resumed after a month-long delay, which occurred in order to give film lead Robert Downey Jr. some time to recuperate. Production is back in full swing, with the cast and crew being seen in Miami this past week, resulting in the image above being released all over the net:

It’s a picture of Iron Man (Downey Jr.) and War Machine (Don Cheadle) outside of a biker bar. Note the new look of Tony Stark’s armor, and War Machine’s resemblance to the comics’ Iron Patriot. In the comic book, Iron Patriot is Norman Osborn wearing a full battlesuit made out of confiscated Stark technology, with a paint job that resembles Captain America’s theme. Due to Osborn’s lack of expertise on Stark Tech, the Iron Patriot armor is not as powerful as Iron Man’s.

The movie version, on the other hand, is just the War Machine armor used by Rhodes in the previous movie, albeit with a new paintjob, according to the movie’s reps. It has not been clarified whether the paintjob was done in order to use War Machine as the government’s representative (like what they did with Captain America) or not.