New International Trailer for the Bourne Legacy 0

New International Trailer for the Bourne Legacy
There’s a New International Trailer out for The Bourne Legacy, featuring Jeremy Renner’s rogue agent Aaron Cross showing off his best moves, while various CIA bigwigs tear their collective hair out in frustration.

Edward Norton’s character has likened Aaron Cross to Damon’s Treadstone, minus the inconsistency. Of course, there wouldn’t be a movie if things stayed that way – soon, Cross has left the CIA’s pocket, leaving Norton and co with the task of hunting and taking down the rogue outcome agent.


As good as Damon was, it seems like Renner is going to be a suitable replacement, and given the momentum that the actor is going to build up with the Avengers movie, he may end up surpassing his predecessor.

As for Legacy’s plot, director Tony Gilroy has already revealed that the Bourne Ultimatum will be the jumping off point for his film, with the original trilogy’s climax setting in motion the events of Legacy.