Insidious Sequel to Feature Original Cast and Team 0

Insidious Sequel to Feature Original Cast and Team

Insidious was one of the most profitable films of 2011, even though it only had a total cume of $97m, simply because it only cost $1.5m to make. Of course, it deserves all the profit it can get, as the movie itself is decent and provided enough scares to justify the ticket price – proving that you don’t really need hundreds of millions of dollars to earn a tidy profit in Hollywood.

Based on its success, it’s not surprising that studio bosses are willing to have another go at the franchise, but what is surprising is that majority of the people responsible for the first film – such as original screenwriter Leigh Whannel, director James Wan, and original stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson – will be returning for the sequel. So this is not a half-assed cash in. In fact, Byrne and Wilson will be reprising their roles, so this is a continuation of the story (although we’re wondering how they’ll manage to do so, especially since the ending of the original didn’t leave much room for the return of some of the major characters).

Insidious 2 is expected to arrive in 2013.