Indie Horror Parody PELT Finds Its Way To Netflix 0

Indie Horror Parody PELT Finds Its Way To Netflix

Osiris Entertainment’s has recently sent out a press release announcing the award-winning horror feature PELT’s availability on Netflix. Since its debut on the festival circuit, PELT has gained a cult following due to its fresh and witty take on the stereotypical “girl meets psycho” formula, which was achieved through an effective cast and a creative screenplay by Richard Swindell (Prison Diaries).

PELT follows the story of the gorgeous Jennifer and her friends as they go on a backpacking excursion deep into the woods of Caveland Kentucky without any care for the warnings given by local residents. Soon, they come across an evil that is as old as the trees. Gory death and terror ensues.

The film stars Ashley Watkins (1000 Ways to Die) as Jennifer, while the titillating triumvirate is completed by Marie Bollinger (Hell-O-Ween) and Sara Zurell (90210, No Ordinary Family).

(Note: Not to be confused with Pelts, which is the Dario Argento film from the Masters of Horror anthology)