New Images from The Avengers 0

New Images from The Avengers

We’re getting much, much, muuuuch closer to The Avengers’ premiere, and by now we’re at the point where the studio is just releasing random behind the scene screen caps, because we’re pretty much tired of all the teasers and there’s nothing more to tease – it’s the Avengers, fer crissakes! Just let us watch already!

Although they did give pervy fanboys something to think about. According to Scarlett Johansson, she’s gone totally commando under her Black Widow suit:

“It’s, like, 800 degrees in my costume,” says Johansson. “And it’s a unitard! And I have nothing underneath it.”

“That’s nice for people”, says the Jeremy dude (who’s he again?).

When asked about any onscreen romance between their characters, Johansson stated that the movie will not tackle that part of the comic book story (thank god, a movie that doesn’t care who loves who, for once.).

“There’s no time for romance,” Johansson says. “We’ve got shit to avenge.”