New Image Released for the Wolverine 0

New Image Released for the Wolverine

A new teaser image has been released for the upcoming sequel to X-Men: Origins, showing off Logan getting ready for a fight, baring both claws and teeth, along with his hairy chest. The still image shows Wolverine in some sort of Japanese-style living quarters, which is not surprising considering that the movie is set in Japan.

The Wolverine will be picking up where X-Men: The Last Stand left off, with Wolverine still reeling from the events and having chosen to go off on his own, and eventually finding himself to the Far East looking for a new start.

Of course, new start in this case mans finding a beautiful Japanese girl, who just so happens to be the daughter of a powerful Yakuza family head. Fresh start indeed. It doesn’t take long to realize that those claws are not going to get much of a vacation.