New Image from Man of Steel

New Image from Man of Steel 0

New Image from Man of Steel

A new image has been released for Zack Snyder’s Superman movie reboot, Man of Steel, featuring Henry Cavill as the newest actor to step into the last Kryptonian’s big blue boots. The image doesn’t really show off the new suit, as the shot is cut off from the shoulders down, but it manages to show the texture and the color of the suit, featuring a more chainmail-like (or is it pleated) look, similar to Captain America’s modern costume.

Also worth noting is the background, which shows an army behind Supes. Is Superman leading the massed ranks of an army to battle? Or is he in their custody? Considering the previous teaser image of Superman being led in restraints by a group of soldiers, the latter seems much more likely.

This image does show one thing about Cavill. Not to be too shallow, but he doesn’t look as commanding as the other Supermen that came before him in this shot, despite the steely gaze. Perhaps it’s because of the way his face is shaped, what with the slightly small jaw and what seems like a slightly receding hairline.

Via: USA Today

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