New Image for Fast & Furious 6

New Image for Fast & Furious 6 0


A new image has been released for Fast & Furious 6, this time featuring the return of cast member Michelle Rodriguez, who is now serving as one of the antagonists in the story. Astute viewers will remember that she was supposed to have been killed back in 2009’s Fast & Furious, but the character has since popped up in the recent Super Bowl spot, stating that she is “back from the dead.”

In the new movie, Rodriguez’s character Letty will be siding with the group of bad guys lead by Luke Evans’ character, while Vin Disel and Paul Walker will now team up with Dwayne Johnson in order to bring the antagonists to justice.

There’s nothing noteworthy about the image, as it just shows Rodriguez looking like she does in almost every film she’s been in. But it’s still nice to see them come up with a twist to the franchise. We’re hoping she doesn’t inject herself with the T-Virus in the climax of the film.

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