Sequel to SyFy’s Sharknado Greenlit 0


SyFy’s Sharknado debuted last week and while it only garnered a 1.4 rating, people were so curious about the movie that it still managed to generate over 5,000 tweets a minute during its broadcast. In this day and age, where ratings is no longer the sole metric for success, it’s understandable that the production company, Asylum Films, has seen it fit to keep the buzz going with a follow-up set in New York, which has been greenlit and scheduled for 2014.

As for where the idea behind Sharknado came from, writer Thunder Levin actually admits that SyFy already had a title in mind before he even started typing the first words on the script:

Syfy already had the title Sharknado and I had to craft a script around that. I started with the thought “What would happen if L.A. were hit by a hurricane?”. The streets here flood if it rains for 5 minutes so we’d be completely unprepared. …And then I added sharks. And tornadoes.

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