The Hunger Games Takes $155 Million in its Debut Weekend 0

The Hunger Games Takes $155 Million in its Debut Weekend

The Hunger Games nets the third highest opening of all time, with a whopping $155 million opening weekend take, making it the third most successful opening of all time. I guess there’s no use calling it The new Twilight now, as it has already outstripped the most profitable film from the vampire series.

The second place in the box office is occupied by 21 Jump Street, but there’s a very large gap between the first and 2nd, with 21 Jump Street only getting a measly $21.3 million during its opening weekend. The Lorax is on third, with $13.1 million, while John Carter continues to flop with a puny $5 million take.

With such a successful opening, it’s going to be hard to topple The Hunger Games next week, particularly since the opening for box office Juggernauts Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises won’t be happening for a while. Instead, the incoming games who will try to take on the Hunger Games is Mirror Mirror, and Wrath of the Titans, which is still fresh on the minds of viewers as the sequel to the critically panned Clash of the Titans.