Human Centipede 3 will unite first two villains 0

Human Centipede 3 will unite first two villains

The final installment of Human Centipede (entitled Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence) is scheduled to begin shooting later this year, and is set to feature the return of two familiar faces: Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey.

Dieter Laser played the mad scientist in the first Human Centipede, while Laurence R. Harvey played the twisted and obsessed antagonist in the second. Both stars agreed t o reprise their roles for the third and final film in the series, which aims to give censors all over the world more pause for thought.

Producer Ilona Six confirms that principal photography will begin on May, with majority of the filming set to take place in the southern parts of the US. Six also promises that the film will be “100% politically incorrect”, which will probably disappoint all the Human Centipede fans who want the final installment to be a lighthearted romantic comedy.

Source: Entertainment Weekly