New Hulk Movie To Come Out After Avengers 2

New Hulk Movie To Come Out After Avengers 2 0

Hulk movie before Avengers 2

Mark Ruffalo and his Hulk was clearly one of the high points in The Avengers, so it’s not surprising that people are clamoring for another big screen solo adventure for the jolly green giant. A recent report by the Latino Review suggests that this Hulk-centric movie may come right after the second Avengers movie.

According to the report, Avengers 2’s post-credits scene will be kicking off the standalone Hulk movie, with the gamma-irradiated behemoth being considered too dangerous for the Earth, and is then blasted off into space, where he winds up on the planet Skaar and leads a rebellion against the Red King. Comic book fans will recognize this as the same storyline for Planet Hulk.

The story will be continued in Avengers 3, which will follow the events in World War Hulk, as the Hulk returns to Earth with his new followers and gets his payback on the heroes.

Of course, none of these has received any official confirmation, but the Latino Review has had a lot of hits in the past, so there would be no surprise if it ends up being true again.

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