Hugh Jackman Discusses Problems with X-Men: Origins 0


Many fans agree that James Mangold’s The Wolverine is a huge departure from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, both because of the slightly muted tone and the fact that the previous film wasn’t universally loved by fans. In a recent interview with EW, Hugh Jackman admitted that he himself was disappointed with the first film:

“We could have done better,” says Jackman. “Somehow the first Wolverine movie ended up looking like the fourth X-Men, just with different characters. I left unsure if we’d achieved our goal, which was to make sure people understood my character.”

As for whether Jackman sees himself returning to the role after X-Men: Days of Future Past (where he is set to make a cameo):

“I wasn’t even sure after [X-Men Origins: Wolverine] if I would do another,” muses the star. “I won’t say never, because I’m still loving it. But there would have to be a pretty compelling reason.”

The Wolverine opens in the UK on 26 July 2013.

Via: Entertainment Weekly