HBO’s Allison Williams Shortlisted for Fantastic Four 0

HBO's Allison Williams Shortlisted for Fantastic Four

Rumors are starting to make the rounds over at Fox’s side of the comicbook movie pond, with the latest being HBO actress Allison Williams being shortlisted for the role of Sue Storm (as opposed to, say, Galactus.)

The rumors came from a Deadline story discussing Williams’ lead role in Rosaline, which is Fox’s new take on Romeo and Juliet (told from the perspective of the titular former flame of Romeo.) The report casually mentions that Williams has been shortlisted for the lead female role in Fox’s Fantastic Four movie, revealing that the movie is starting to gather momentum.

Since the new Fantastic Four movie is being helmed by Chronicle’s Josh Trank, one can expect that it’s going to be a little bit darker than Fox’s two previous efforts. The movie is slated for a 2015 premiere.