Harrison Ford May Reprise Han Solo Role in Episode VII 0

han solo returns

According to a recent report by the Latino Review, Harrison Ford has just signed on to return to the Star Wars universe in Star Wars Episode VII. Latino Review scooper El Mayimbe recently guested on Fox News in order to announce the story, saying that Ford’s return is a “done deal.”

It’s common knowledge among fans that Ford originally tried to distance himself from the Star Wars franchise after The Empire Strikes Back, going so far as to request that Lucas kill off his character. The news either means that Ford has changed his mind, or maybe Abrams has finally written the death scene that he originally wanted.

No official statement from Disney, Ford, or Abrams’ have been released regarding Ford’s casting, but the Latino Review has had a sterling reputation for scoops like this, so we’re willing to believe that there’s news developing on the Ford/Star Wars category.

Source: Latino Review