Guillermo del Toro Explains Why Hellboy 3 is Very Unlikely

Guillermo del Toro Explains Why Hellboy 3 is Very Unlikely 0

hellboy 3 unlikely

There’s been a lot of talking and speculation lately regarding a potential 3rd Hellboy movie, but it’s Guillermo del Toro himself who has finally spoken up in order to explain why the chances of a third film being made are slim.

“It’s very unlikely it’ll happen because you need things to converge so strongly,” said del Toro in an interview with Collider, before listing all the various boxes that need ticking. “Larry Gordon, Universal, the rights, Ron [Perlman’s] and my availability, Mike [Mignola’s] blessing…”

“We have pieces of that, but we don’t have all of that. You need so many things to confluence and then you need about $150 million.”

Del Toro also broke another piece of bad news – that his story will not be completed via a new comic book, as Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is adamant about keeping the movie and the comic books separate.

“I talked to Mike about making it a comic,” says del Toro, “and Mike said very clearly, ‘Hellboy the movies is yours, Hellboy the comics is mine; I don’t wanna confuse them.’”

“He has been very clear about not bringing any mythology we did in the movies into the comics… Mike is very careful [about that].”


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