Guardians of the Galaxy Looking to Add John C. Reilly to its Cast 0


News on the Guardians of the Galaxy front has been silent these past few weeks, no doubt overshadowed by Iron Man 3 and the Quicksilver fiasco between Fox and Marvel. But now, a little bit of new info has surfaced for the upcoming sci fi movie, with HitFix reporting that John C. Reilly has just been offered a role in the movie.

Considering John C. Reilly’s roots as a comedian, it would be easy to assume that he was offered the role of Groot the talking tree or the talking and gun-toting Rocket Raccoon, but it seems that he’s been offered an entirely different role.

According to the report, Marvel wants Reilly to play a character named Rhomman Dey, who is the defeated and disgraced leader of the Nova Corps on planet Xandar. Word has it that the character will be altered in order to serve as a point of human contact for the rest of the Guardians.

Via: HitFix