Gal Gadot Signs Up for 3 Wonder Woman Movies 0

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Now that we’ve got the Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman issue behind us (people actually accepted her as Wonder Woman faster than Ben Affleck as Batman), a few details from the contract that the actress signed has been revealed. First is that she’s going to get $300,000 to appear as Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel.

Next, and probably the bigger news, is that she has signed a three picture deal as the Amazon princess. This is hardly surprising, though, given Warner’s well-documented desire to build a movie universe similar to Marvel’s.

It’s not clear what the three movies are, but it’s a safe bet that it’s going to be Batman vs. Superman, a Wonder Woman solo movie, and the Justice League film. Of course, if things go well with regard to ticket sales and fan feedback, that three picture deal may get extended similar to what we’ve seen on the Marvel side with Robert Downey jr.