A Funny as Hell Bond in Skyfall? 0

A "Funny as hell" Bond in Skyfall?

In a recent Total Film interview, Skyfall director Sam Mendes reveals that they plan to explore the James Bond that Ian Fleming originally wrote about, who was a very conflicted character, according to Mendes.

“Some of those things are explored in this movie, because Daniel as an actor is capable of exploring them.” says Mendes.

Mendes and Craig then revealed to the gathered press that they have traded emails back and forth for months even before the project went underway, trading ideas and coming up with new angles for the character in its 50th anniversary.

“We couldn’t shut up,” Craig recalled. “It was a chance for us to re-read Ian Fleming, and we started emailing each other, ‘What about this and what about this?’, and that’s how it snowballed.”

Even though the duo didn’t give away any plot points, they insisted that Craig’s newer portrayal of Bond will be an improvement over the dourness of Quantum of Solace, with a spring back in the superspy’s step.

“007 will have a ‘rich’ romantic life and will be bringing the funny back. He’s as funny as hell in this movie,” Craig says.