First Full Length Trailer for Pacific Rim 0

First Full Length Trailer for Pacific Rim

The first actual trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Kaiju vs Mecha sci fi actioner has been released. We’re saying first actual trailer, because the first two that were released a couple of weeks ago were extremely ambiguous shit meant to go viral, which didn’t happen. Because people on the Internet are basically tired of Hollywood trying to capture lightning in a bottle.

As for the trailer, it features a decent amount of footage that provides a good idea of what’s in store. The footage of the kaiju are all dark and covered with shadows, but there’s enough visuals to show how scary as frack they can be. The robots were also looking real credible, and there’s a nice sense of scale inherent in the action scenes, with the movie itself looking to be more impressive and visceral that other movies with a giant in them.