Fox Hires Mark Millar as Marvel Consultant

Fox Hires Mark Millar as Marvel Consultant 0

Fox Hires Mark Millar as Marvel Consultant

Marvel is already doing good when it comes to movies, with the phase 2 of their comic book movies receiving a lot of publicity under the watch of their consultant, Joss Whedon. Fox, on the other hand, may be having troubles (such as their problems with keeping the Daredevil movie rights, as well as the poor performance of their Marvel films), but they are now trying to recover, and their first order of business is hiring comic book scribe Mark Millar as the new consultant for their Marvel Properties.

As one of the key driving forces behind Marvel’s successful Ultimate line, Millar is more than familiar with the subject matter, and Fox is banking that Millar can be as helpful with their movies as Whedon was with Disney/Marvel’s.

According to Fox, Millar will be in charge of “developing new avenues for the X-Men and Fantastic Four tentpoles”. That would put him in the frame to work on The Wolverine, as well as X-Men: Days Of Future Past and the Fantastic Four reboot.


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