Female Expendables Planned

Female Expendables Planned 0

Female Expendables Planned

Now that The Expendables 2 is proving that there’s a lot of box office juice that can be squeezed out of the franchise, Adi Shankar’s banner 1984 Private Defense Contractors has contracted Dutch Southern to write an all-female take on the Expendables’ brand of star-studded action franchise.

Shankar, whose past credits include the Liam Neeson-starrer The Gray, will act as producer for the film, and along with 1984 Private Defense Contractors, will fully finance the all-female action vehicle. The company is currently under negotiations with several high caliber actresses who are associated with the action genre.

Dutch Southern already has a history with 1984 Private Defense Contractors. Particularly when the outfit purchased his 2010 Black List script “Hoof Harrington’s Greatest Hits”, which focuses on a semi-retired hitman and is described as “Die Hard from Wes Anderson”.

No casting has been confirmed for the as of yet unnamed all-female action film, and we’re currently unable to think of 80s female action stars, since it was not a very popular concept in the 80s, unless they’re planning to get the female action stars from Hong Kong, which was a hotbed for female badasses in the 80s (Michelle Yeoh, Cindy Rothrock, Cynthia Luster, etc.)

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