Famke Janssen Wants to Return to X-Men 0


A couple of days ago, January Jones ruled herself out of a possible return as Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, but the other telepathic femme fatale of the franchise, Jean Grey, may come back as actress Famke Janssen clarified that she’s willing to reprise her role in the franchise.

“If you run into Bryan Singer, just tell him I’ve been sitting by the phone,” she joked to Collider. “I’ve been hearing rumours of all these people getting cast. What about me? I’m waiting…”

Janssen also explained Singer’s approach to superhero movies and why she wants to work with him again:

“With the X-Men, Bryan Singer was very clear we need to base this in reality,” she explains. “We’re not going to be making the regular superhero movie everybody else has been making up to now. These are just regular people with regular problems.”

Via: Collider.com